10 May 2022

The Irresistible Jade Statue

Some thoughts from 2017 on my reason for leaving Magic.

Still relevant to my thinking today and the direction I've taken in game play.

However, with the advent of M:tG Arena I find myself playing more so online then my friendly local game store.



05 May 2022

Another Summer in a Ditch in Minnesota


As the last remnants of snow melt away and the ice on the lakes begin to break up, spring is FINALLY under way up here.

It's been a long winter.

And now that the ground has thawed, construction season has started in full which means it's time for me to get back to work.

7-8 months of long days away from home.

Free time is at a premium and dedicated to other things.

Proxima Fortuna will be on hold-ish until sometime in November when I can give a little time to the little amount of writing I do here.

Many things left unfinished.

Talk with ya after the snow falls.


02 May 2022

Wayward Gnome


We are a small community here in Lake Country,

with our share of big city problems.

The struggle is real folks.